Différence entre un robinet mélangeur et un robinet mitigeur


When selecting a valve, either to a washbasin or sink, it is possible to opt for two different types: the mixing valves and the mixing valves. These two types of valve does not work exactly the same way, and it may be wise to recognize them and make the right choices based on the advantages of each, before installing one.

The mixer taps

The mixing valves work with two buttons. The first, left, controls the hot water supply while the right controls the cold water supply. Each of these buttons can be activated (usually by turning) more or less to let a variable amount of water. Therefore assaying each of the buttons (or tap heads) to afford both the desired flow rate and temperature.
Most often, the heads of the valve (buttons) are integrated directly on the valve. So there is only one hole in the sink or sink réparation fuite robinet : it is a tap « a hole ». Sometimes, however, mainly for aesthetic reasons, the valve is called « three holes », and that the heads of the valve are dissociated from the faucet itself. Thus, there is a hole for the hot water head, a hole for the cold water head, and a hole for the valve itself.
The mixer taps are still the most common.


The mixer taps

Mixer taps for their work usually with a handle that can be tilted simultaneously vertically and horizontally. The vertical position determines the flow rate (high = high / low = poor) while the horizontal position determines the temperature (left = hot / right = cold). These faucets are much easier to use, since it is sufficient to tilt the handle directly into the desired diagonal without having to fumble for both the right temperature and the right flow.
Generally, mixing valves are called « hole », but there are models « two holes » where the flow control knob and the temperature is detached from the faucet itself. These models, however, are quite rare. The mixer taps are in most cases the best choice, since they help to gain speed and convenience, in addition to allowing some water savings. Pricewise, the two models are more or less equivalent, even if the mixer is sometimes slightly more expensive.

There is a third type of valve, mainly used for the shower: the thermostatic valve. If you need help installing or changing a tap, either mixer, thermostatic mixer or feel free to call our plumber if you live in the Paris region. It can also provide information willingly answering all your questions.

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