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The solder is a technique that allows to connect two materials together, thanks to the contribution of a different material that will come goshawks melt the joint, for solidarity. This is a technique which is widely used in plumbing for example, to connect two copper lines between them, or to insert a connector.

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How to solder copper / copper?

To solder, first attach the copper pipe to a vice in vertical position. Then Décapez ends which will come into contact with each other (or with the fitting). For this example, you can use sandpaper. It is important to hold the solder properly. Then assemble it.
For the solder on copper, it is advisable to use a strong solder, ie a copper alloy rod and phosphorus. However, it must be suitable equipment that achieves a temperature between 600 ° C and 900 ° C as a torch oxygen acetylene. So turn on the unit and heat the copper at the join and goshawks of the join. It is important that copper is heated, can be seen when it changes color.
Once the copper is sufficiently warm, it is possible to start the solder. While still warm, make contact with the solder rod the join, gently circling. The alloy must melt and fill the socket element to secure the pieces together.
Once the pipes are fixed, you can remove the flame of the torch and let cool in the open: Do not immerse in water as thermal shock would be too great. Your solder is now complete and your two copper coins will make one!



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